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Company Profile

Bioantibody Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Bioantibody) is a high-tech biotechnology company focused on the R&D and production of antigens, antibodies and downstream detection reagents for diagnosis and therapy. The product pipelines cover cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, inflammation, infectious diseases, tumors, hormones and other categories, from raw materials to finished products.
Innovation is in our DNA! Bioantibody keeps developing new technologies. Currently, our products have been delivered to more than 60 countries and cities worldwide. Using the ISO 13485 management system, the product quality is greatly trusted by customers. With the mission  “Biotech For A Better Life”, we are committed to innovation and providing our best solutions to our customers. We sincerely believe we could make our special contribution to human ecology and health.

Our mission

Biotech For A Better Life

High-efficient hybridoma cell screening platform takes advantage of protein array chip spotting technology to screen out the monoclonal antibodies with high specificity, affinity and functional effect against specific Epitopes from the antibodies secreted by hybridoma cells after stable growth.
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Use biotechnology to improve the global ecology and pursue the overall harmony and unity of humans, animals, plants,microorganisms and inorganic nature

Our Culture

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We impress customers with
high-quality products
and sincere attitude

We innovate together
we work together and
we win together

We do as we promise
and keep stuggling
with dreams and hope

Our Technology Platforms


High-efficiency protein expression and purification technology


Exclusive patented cell fusion screening technology


Phage display antibody library technology


Immunochromatography platform


Immunoturbidimetric platform


Chemiluminescence platform

Production Capacity

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Manufacturing Plant, including GMP workshop

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Stable Supply Chain:
Self-supplied key raw materials


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Daily Production Capacity

Certificates & Qualifications



Global Business Network


Biotech For A Better Life